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April 20, 2013 § 12 Comments

As a final post of my juice cleanse I am putting up one more raw food idea.  This particular juice fast was different from any other cleanse I have experienced.  It was remarkably easy.  The detox symptoms were unusually mild.  My challenges were cravings, wanting to “crunch” and “chew” food, and a dull headache for a full day.  The spicy food craving was simple to resolve.  We just added chili’s and garlic to the juicer. Then this cheese craving came over me.  I love sheep cheese and I wanted a good pecorino!  Juicing for detox requires willpower, especially when you love to cook and eat!  Let us not underestimate the emotions we have attached to food.  I understand our need to acquire, prepare, smell, taste and chew food goes far beyond our basic demand of nourishment.   I recognize how eating is such a big part of my life.  However, after 8 days of fresh pressed homemade organic fruit and vegetable juice and 5 more days of rice, quinoa, nuts and raw produce, I feel rejuvenated, my mind is clear, and my jeans fit better!!  And, I am ready to start cooking again!


Here is a simple spicy salad.  We call it “salsa salad” because it is the same ingredients we toss in the food processor when we make salsa (except we leave out the cucumbers when we make salsa).  This would be delicious served on rice.  We did not add any fat or seasonings.  I think some olive oil, salt and maybe a sprinkle of cumin and chili powder would be nice.

Salsa Salad

  • 2 large tomatoes, diced
  • 1 large or 2 small avocados, diced
  • 1/2 cucumber, diced
  • 1/2 large or 1 small jalapeño, chopped
  • handful cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, finely chopped
  • juice of 1 lime

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss.

Lightly serves 2.

buon appetite.


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§ 12 Responses to salsa salad

  • What cleanse did you do, I have been wanting to do one but the headaches and cravings I’m afraid got the best of me. Love the salsa salad.

    • Hi “a pug in the kitchen”! It was a pretty simple juice cleanse. We drank approximately a gallon of various juices throughout the day for 8 days. We made sure we chose organic since our goal was to “detox”. After 8 days we put the juicer away and ate raw fruits and vegetable for a few days, then added grains, nuts and seeds. Whenever we got hungry we just made another juice!! The first two days were the hardest. After that, euphoric! It almost got the best of me too! I had to go to bed early just to get “food” off my mind! :) You’ll never sleep so well!

  • I once tried a raw food diet. Fruits and veggies only, no dairy, no coffee and no cooking. I would use grated zucchini for pasta and salsa for sauce. But oh, the headaches! And I was always hungry. I would munch apples and banana at work every minute of the day. In less than a week I lost 4 kilos, not that I needed it since I am more on the underweight side all my life. I continued with the raw food diet for a month or so but took it less drastically. I would eat normal cooked food one day in a week. Eventually I gave it up but it took a while to regain the 4 kilos I lost.

  • Hi Dolly! I love the grated zucchini idea! I wish I knew that a few days ago. :) There is no way I could live a raw food lifestyle. I do like to indulge in it for a week once a year though. A month is a long time! I thought the headaches were from the lack of caffeine. Thank you for your comment!

  • anne cater says:

    I’ve been making a salsa salad but adding also chickpeas and diced potatoes and a little cider vinegar… recreating something I had at an Indian buffet here. It is so delicious!!!

    Really, Seana, I am loving your blog! I am pinning several of your posts : )

    • Thanks Anne! I like the sound of the chickpeas and potatoes and vinegar. Now we are eating “everything” so I think I might just do this salad again with your ingredients too.

  • this sounds delicious! I usually make a mediterranean version of this with feta and no jalapeno and not as much cilantro, but maybe I could try to add feta to your version and have a mediterranean salsa salad? :-)

    • Feta would be good! Even with the jalapeño. Of course you would need a palate for the spiciness. Have you heard of cojita cheese? It is a mexican hard cheese. It crumbles easily, like feta. Hmmm. I think I may just have to try this next time I may this. Thank you for the idea and for your comment!

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