for the love of garlic…

March 29, 2013 § Leave a comment


I love garlic and I buy at least a head of it every week.  It hit me yesterday when I was at the market.  There really is a technique for picking out a good head of garlic.  The bulbs need to be large and plump!  Pick a head that feels dense and heavy.  Juicy garlic is fresh garlic!  You want your garlic nice and firm to the touch.  The papery cover should be intact and not peeling off too much.  Make sure it appears white.  If the garlic is spongy, yellow or grayish it is not fresh.  If it feels light and looks shriveled, it’s a sign of dryness and age.  Once it has aged it loses its sweetness and becomes very sharp and pungent.  A number of times I have only been able to find “aged” garlic.  It is still good to cook with, however, you may have to use less.  And try not to be tempted to use the already peeled or chopped garlic available.  If you take the extra few minutes and peel your own,  it can really makes a difference in the outcome of your cooking!

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