giant globe artichokes

April 5, 2013 § 4 Comments


I was delighted when I walked into the market yesterday and saw these displayed front and center of the produce section.  Each clearly deserves center stage. These are huge!  A one pot meal.  I brought home two and this evening I plan on steaming them for 50 minutes.  The leaves are meaty, with an earthy, nutty taste.  We have prepared many different dips for steamed artichokes.  I have made sauces from butter, mayonnaise, greek yogurt…the list goes on.  I did a little search and found this great source for dipping recipes.

In our family we have a little difference of opinion around the table every time we eat artichokes.  The matter being, how to properly eat your artichoke.  Is it leaf facing up or down.  Do your use your top or bottom teeth for scooping?  We always have fun with it.  Let me know…

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